The Ariya Sazan provides construction management services for residential and commercial buildings. The Subsidiary’s services includes the following:

Pre-Construction Management Services

This phase includes all activities completed prior to the start of a project. Pre-construction management services ensure that every aspect of the project is meticulously planned, including the anticipation of unexpected issues. To ensure project coordination, the Subsidiary works with subcontractors on engineering design, procurement, and construction. Finally, the Subsidiary’s pre-construction management services are designed to assist clients in effectively managing the project’s schedule, cost, quality, specifications, safety, and scope. Pre-construction management services provided by the Subsidiary include conceptual and detailed estimating, budget development and evaluation, project scheduling, procurement plan, logistics evaluation, constructability review, and other site surveys. Specifically, the Subsidiary classifies its preconstruction management services to include the following activities:

● Planning
● Conceptual Design
● Schematic Design
● Permits and Clearance
● Management of Land Acquisition and Preparation of the Right of Way


Project Development and Construction Management

Construction activities begin during this phase. The Subsidiary’s project and construction management is informed of the various teams’ workflows and responsibilities to ensure that the project runs smoothly. Project status reporting, financial status reports, cash flow projections, cost control, procurement schedule, quality control, and on-site construction supervision are all examples of this.

Project Delivery, Completion, and Post-Construction Management

The Subsidiary formalizes client acceptance of the final product and gather project records and contracts between project stakeholders following the completion of the project. A comparison of the initial goals and outcomes be carried out so that all project participants can get along with one another. The Subsidiary makes certain that the client receives a summary of the project’s progress throughout. The Subsidiary coordinates any necessary changes if they are required. To finalize all crucial project details, the Subsidiary meets with the construction teams.